All-Star Cheer at Rise Athletics

ELITE TEAMS All-Star Cheerleading at Rise Athletics NY

Being part of an elite cheerleading team is a competitive experience like no other. Our elite program athletes can expect to train to perfection, compete with mastery at their skill level, and bond at 6-7in-season competitions. Our elite teams will practice 3x a week starting in the Fall, and all practices are mandatory. Elite teams will work their way toward the program’s postseason goal competition, TBA, which can sometimes include a flight.

PREP TEAMS All-Star Cheerleading at Rise Athletics NY

Prep cheerleading in the All-Star sphere creates a flexible and preparatory competitive cheerleading experience for athletes new and old! Our prep athletes can expect to work within their teams’ stunt and tumble levels. Prep teams have elite quality coaching, with less competitions built in. Unique to the All-Star Prep program are team levels with different stunting/tumbling built in - for example, a prep 2.1 would stunt level 2 and tumble level 1. Prep teams can choose between full and half year options, and would compete regionally (no flights.) Prep teams can expect to practice no more than 2x a week. Don’t be fooled - prep is still highly competitive and could be a fast-track to elite for the future!

CLASSES Group Skill Development

The class program at Rise Athletics for the SUMMER 2021 SESSION includes tiny/mini tumble, level 1/2 tumble, level 3/4/5 tumble, and stunt classes. Choose a monthly package or daily drop-ins! Follow this link to sign up:

PRIVATE LESSONS One on One Skill Development

Highly specific, one on one private sessions with our talented coaching staff! Follow this link to sign up:

Athletes who choose FULL YEAR will be placed on a team June 27th, 2021.

The season continues through May.

Athletes who choose HALF YEAR will be evaluated for teams again in October (dates TBA/athletes who participated in June evaluations will not pay a second evaluation fee.) The season continues through May.


  • At this time, for the safety of all athletes, only coaches and athletes are allowed on the gym floor.

  • At this time, all practices held at Rockland Gymnastics are drop-off/pick-up only.

  • Family members of athletes can only enter the gym if invited by a staff member.

  • While enrolled in our program, athletes are not permitted to participate in any other All-Star cheerleading or dance team.

  • If your athlete participates in pop warner or high school cheer, please understand the commitment to All-Star does not excuse absences for other practices. However, we work hard to remain in contact with these local programs to keep a schedule that makes sense for all.

  • Parent and/or athlete behavior that is negative or counter-productive to the success of the program can be dismissed from the program at any time without warning, including via social media.

  • At this time, the best mode of communication is via EMAIL at or phone at 845-293-0709. Please do not call and text the owners or coaches personal cell phones or social media accounts.


  • Rise Athletics and our space at Rockland Gymnastics Academy are both dedicated to the safety of our athletes. Both of our programs require all coaches and instructors to be SAFE SPORT certified.

  • All staff at Rise Athletics will be USASF and USAG certified.

  • Rise Athletics will only compete at USASF sanctioned events.

  • Each athlete at Rise Athletics will be required to become a member of the USASF (see program fees).


In the event that an athlete becomes injured outside of the program, the team coach and program owners should be contacted immediately. As the athlete recovers, the coaches should be continuously updated about prognosis, length of recovery, potential surgeries, and any changes that affect their performance ability. In the event that the team must re-choreo to fill the injured athletes’ role, the injured athlete may or may not get their original spots back. This determination is heavily dependent on the team and competition schedule at the time. These situations vary.

Financial Breakdown


What's Included in Monthly Tuition

RISE Athletics runs an All-Inclusive payment program.

The following is included in your monthly tuition: All Competition Registrations, Choreography, Skills Camp, Music, Coaches Fees & Bi-Monthly Skills Clinics

Practice Dress Code

  • Appropriate apparel is mandatory for all athletes at practices, classes, and clinics.

  • Cheer shoes must be worn at all practices.

  • Long hair MUST be pulled up into a tight pony tail BEFORE every practice. If an athlete has hair in their face, a coach will help them pull their hair up into a tighter pony. This is a safety measure.


  • is allowed at any practices. We are not responsible for any lost jewelry at Rise Athletics. Please do not get new piercings within the season.

  • ABSOLUTELY NO fake fingernails or excessively long fingernails are allowed. Athletes will be asked to sit out if their fingernails are at a dangerous length.

Attendance Policy

  • All practices are MANDATORY.

  • Each Full Year ELITE All Star Team will practice 2 times per week from June to August and 3 times per week from September to May. Additional practices may be added by the coaches.

**From September 15th through the end of the season an athlete may have (3) unexcused absences and must notify a coach prior to those practices.

Summer Attendance Policy

  • Attendance in the summer is integral to the success of your athlete and the team.

  • Please let us know about vacations as far in advance as possible. Practices require a lot of planning and our coaches need ample time to create the most productive practices possible when a team member is absent. Remember, there is no benching in cheerleading. All athletes must be present for the most productive team practices.

  • Last minute absences due to illness or family emergencies can be communicated privately through the group messaging app.


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